Well-kept Journal

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"Well-kept Journal"
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Mission item
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Well-kept Journal is one of the mission items in ELEX. Reading it provides 20 XP.

Two Is Less Lonely Than One

I saw an interesting man this morning when I was going about my business. I didn't dare speak to him, but instead watched him trade from a distance. All things that were strange to me, items from a world I haven't seen.
When he saw me, he spoke. He said he could see my curiosity. He knew that I wanted to discover more of Magalan.
When he asked if I would accompany him... How was I supposed to say no?
Now we explore these lands together and my eyes have been opened.
There are two worlds, ours and the one that came before. In those ruins, these houses of times now lost, there is everything you could want. Always shards to be earned.
Everyone lived in such luxury before the Great Fall. They didn't have to worry about Reavers, or mutants. Now we always travel in fear.
But I do not doubt him. He says he has 'a good nose' and he always navigates us through the wilds to the best spots to explore.
  So, we came to that nice house. I thought we would leave with riches, but we were discovered by a group of Berserkers. They took everything from us since it could contain Elex. Their land, their rules. So, we go hungry for now and must try again. But I trust in him. We trust each other. We will find the things we need in this old world and we will make our way into this one.

~ content of the journal

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