Vehicle's was common mean of transportation on Magalan . Many wrecks can be found in the world (civilian and Army). Road infracture was massive with many gas stations near main roads.

Cars Edit

Modern Sean

There are many types's of cars from few era's (80's, 50's and modern). Military vehicles assembly todays US Humvy and military truck.


Planes Edit

No planes survived that long time. But there is airfield with some hangars still intact.

Ships Edit


- Some vehicle's still stand in line on military checkpoints

- Some vehicle's were abonded due to comet hit.

- From Forgetten Messege's we know that before comet Highway's was cloged and some road's were open. As the anarchy start to rise some gas stations was set on fire, and later military was closing road's

- Falk on airfield say's that where global network not only military of airport's

- Falk comment near some car wreck that antient worship their cars.