Tooth for a Tooth

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Tooth for a Tooth
Companion mission
1000 XP

Tooth for a Tooth is one of the Companion Missions in ELEX.

The Berserker Warlord Ragnar has ordered Duras to find the person responsible for murdering the Warrior Askor.
~ in-game description

Sub-missions[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • After questioning Barin, Jax is able to exclude him from the suspects, still Duras tries to frame Barin to cover the alleged murder.
  • A hint will lead Jax to a hidden box near the lift. Duras acts suspiciously.
  • When finally questioned, Duras will reveal, that he found Askor together with the dead seedling and Askor lost control and attacked Duras.
  • There are various ways to solve this mission. Jax can convince Duras, that he must trust him and let him talk to Ragnar. Jax then can go on and reveal to Ragnar, that either Duras was behind it or he also can go on with Duras plan and frame Barin or he simply can tell Ragnar that it was an outsider who tried to rob Askor, who then defended the seedling.
  • Another alternative is to challenge Duras right away at the lift, but Jax should have improved skills for that.
  • Killing Duras removes a good companion who later could be needed in Origin.

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