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The Law of the Berserkers
Faction mission
500 XP
The residents of Goliet are expected to follow the Berserker Laws. How strictly these Laws are interpreted varies from person to person. I should remember the Laws when dealing with the tasks here.
~ in-game description

It is necessary to complete this quest to join the Berserkers.

If Abiding the Law appears as being completed, it means the Law of the Berserkes is ready to be closed.

If Breaking the Law appears as being completed first before Abiding the Law, it means too late and the collective approval is meaningless. An alternative option requires a second chance Making Things Right by Ragnar in order to complete The Law of the Beserkers.

If you may overlooked the feedback. Abiding the Law and Breaking the Law can be checked over Icon missions complete "Complete" under the category of Edan. It can be only one of them.

Sub-missions[ | ]

Objectives[ | ]

Attention: In order to achieve the mission, you need to reach Abiding the Law first, which is 7 approvals before Breaking the Law, which is 5 disapprovals. Otherwise will result in a refusal, unwelcoming and Ragnar is against you. A second chance will be given, to pay 2000 Elexits and owe Angrim a favor.
Support: + is Approval, x is Disapproval
Character Mission Approval Disapproval
Drog Drog's Word + Drog's aftertaste (Passed Skill Check or Paid Elexit or Won duel)
Angrim Forbidden Technology

if fail, second chance The Seedling in the Forest

+ Angrim's test passed x Angrim's test failed
  • + Found Rogar and reported (kill all Alb Scouts isn't essential)
Angrim False Teachings + Bertram is killed x Helped Bertram to escape
Akira / Angrim Disappeared without a Trace + Stormson is killed x Stormson is alive, refused the execution
Alrik A Special Piece + Antique Sword returned to Ragnar x Sold to Alrik
Born Mutant Attack + Born, helped Mutants problem
Born Harvest Time + Brought to Born x Sold to Alrik
Caldrim Elex for the Mana Shrine + Gave Caldrim the Elex packages

or tell him where is Kral with the Elex packages.

x Didn't deliver the Elex packages
Caldrim Mysterious Aura Nothing Nothing
Hakon / Nezol Searching for Clues / Hakon's Alb Hunt + Didn't kill Hakon and the Seperatists are murdered.

(Ragnar doesn't mention, although it's a silent approval)

x Hakon is killed regardless of outcome
Jora Elex Supplies + You delivered the machine parts. (by violence or pickpocketing) x Korin delivered
Ornir Bad Debts + Told Jora about Ornir illegal action

or Bigby is killed.

x Business is ongoing, regardless of solution.
Ragnar There Is Always Something to Do! + Irdor got 50 Cultivator's loafs x Gave Irdor a moldy bread
Rijka Lost Guns and Dead Men / Dangerous Goods + Cleric Weapons were given to Jora. x Cleric Weapons returned to Bertram

(Ragnar mentions only, if Rijka gave you a task or else it's a silent disapproval)

You The Messenger of Death x Killed someone of Beserker by you (e.g. Hakon)
  • x per killed certain person

The mission givers don't affect the support:

  • Duras Murder's Quest, Cormag, Thorgald, Sinda, Lennart, Eldur, Katta and others ...

Guide - fastet way to complete the mission from start[ | ]

+ Drog's word by passed Skill Check or paid with Elexits or won duel. (Free +2 Combat, Soldier's amulet is in the caserne stone ruin behind the Hotel)

+ Angrim's test passed

+ Born, helped Mutants problem

+ Irdor got 50 Cultivator's loafs - (buy from Sinda, max. 250 Icon Elexit for 50 pieces or steal many bags of Cultivator's loaf in houses of cultivator, especially near Sinda's house)

+ Antique Sword returned to Ragnar

+ Cleric Weapons were given to Jora.

+ Told Jora about Ornir illegal action or Bigby is killed.


x Fail Angrim's test

x Sell Antique Sword to Alrik

x Give Betram the cleric weapons

x Give Irdor a moldy bread (behind Sinda's house, garbage place)

x Keep Kral the Elex packages and lie to Caldrim

Pay 2000 Icon Elexit to Ragnar and talk to other two warlods. Done.

Notes[ | ]

  • After done with Abiding the Law, the rest of the remaining missions willn't affect anymore, but Ragnar still will making a comment. No backlash, even you got 7 approvals and the rest only disapprovals afterwards.
    • Same applies for Breaking the Law, the dis/approval of support is meaningless.
  • Departure to Foreign Lands is a seperate mission (no consequence) and doesn't matter before or after done with The Law of the Berserkers. It's just one of two key parts for joining Berserkers's faction.
  • Disapproval doesn't subtract the counter of approval.
  • After done with Drog's word, this approval will stay even Drog got replaced by Katta.