The Ice Palace

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The Ice Palace
Main mission
7000 XP

The Ice Palace is one of the main missions in ELEX.

I now have a plan for how to reach the Ice Palace, but there are things to do before I can risk entering Xacor.
The way to the Ice Palace must be cleared. The Alb commanders in that area must be dealt with.
Kallax knows the code for the door to the Hybrid's chamber. I have to get Kallax alone so I can discover what he knows.
Thorald assured me that his Elex experiment will help me to overcome the Hybrid.
The Separatists are another factor. If they act against me, we can't succeed. I will have to win them over as allies or get rid of them completely.
My raider must be made ready to take out the Ice Palace's shield.
My way forward is now in my own hands.
~ in-game description

Sub-missions[edit | edit source]