Active teleporterInactive teleporter

The map of Magalan is divided into five main regions: Abessa, Edan, Ignadon, Tavar and Xacor. Teleporters are one of the faster ways to travel between Locations in ELEX.


There are many teleporters scattered throughout Magalan. Before they appear on the map, you must first discover them and activate them. To activate one, simply step on it. Once a teleporter becomes active, it can be accessed from anywhere, not just another teleporter. The only limitation is if Jax is under attack. If there are hostile creatures or NPCs around, teleporting will not be possible.

All inhabited areas have at least one teleporter. Smaller, built-up areas also often have a teleporter though it may take a bit of searching to locate.



All of the teleporter locations can be revealed at once with the "Adventurer" Survival Ability. However you will still need to first visit and "unlock" them to be able to use them in the future, as they will start out inactive (like the white thumbnail image above).