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Survival is one of the skill trees in ELEX.

The Survival Skills ability (part of the Personality tree) will add one point permanently to Survival.

Survival abilities[edit | edit source]

Survival trainers[edit | edit source]

Survival skill check situations[edit | edit source]

  • Level 2 – Talking to Lennart and saying "I'm a born hunter."
  • Level 2 – Talking to Vito about food supplies. (get Strange Key as a reward)
  • Level 2 – To get Bullet some extra men to guard the Fort
  • Level 3 – To get Bullet more extra men to guard the Fort
  • Level 3 – Asking Radok "And what about me? Do you have any gear I could use?" (get 2x Mighty Healing Potions)
  • Level 4 – To get Bullet enough extra men to guard the Fort
  • Level 4 – Asking Hank "What else do you give out apart from food?" at the Fort
  • Level 10 – Asking Kid "If you want to survive, you shouldn't go back to the Fort." by the ambushed caravan
  • Level 10 – Asking Scrappy "You live on trash?" outside the Fort

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