Secrets of the Past

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Secrets of the Past
Faction mission
The Hort
2000 XP

Secrets of the Past is one of the Clerics missions in the Ignadon region in ELEX

The clues Eva found give a set of coordinates, I should go to the place and discover what these clues have been pointing us to.
~ in-game description

Notes[edit | edit source]

Spoiler warning: Significant plot details follow.

  • The black house is on the far left. ; first number of the code
  • The white house has been there only one summer. ; one summer = number 1
  • The green house is to the right of the white house. ; number called "green house" will be after number 1
  • The blue house is 8 years old. ; 8 years old = number 8
  • The blue house is older than the green house. ; "green house" number is smaller than 8
  • The age of the black house is the age of the blue house minus the white one. ; "black house" = 8 (blue) - 1 (white) which gives 7
  • The black and green houses are the same age. ; "black house" number and "green house" number are equal, "black house" number is 7 so the "green house" one is 7 as well
  • The white house is not next to the black house. ; number 1 will be 3rd (can't be last, because "The green house is to the right of the white house")
  • The houses are below the Spitting Mountain. ; location of a hidden vault - it's located under volcano
  • The combination is : 7817

End of spoiler text.

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