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Ragnar is a member of the Berserkers, one of several factions that populate Magalan. Also know as Ragnar the Fierce and Ragnar son of Bjar, he is the highest of the three Warlords of Goliet and leader of the Hooded Crows Clan. He is married to Rijka.

Description[edit | edit source]

Ragnar is the Warlord of the Hooded Crows Clan, one of three such Warlords in Goliet each leading their own clans. As the highest Warlord of the three, he is in command of Goliet as long as Thorald the Pilgrim is in his retreat. If Jax wishes to join the Berserkers, he must speak to and gain the approval of Ragnar.

Location[edit | edit source]

While he is usually situated in the Old World Hotel Ruins at the highest point in Goliet, he sometimes makes his way to the lower quarter as he likes to keep an eye on things, personally.

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