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Personality (also called Charisma) is one of the main categories of abilities in ELEX. It relies heavily on Intelligence and Cunning. It can temporarily be improved by using Charmer or a Mechanic's Amulet.

The Personality Skills ability (part of the same tree) will add one point permanently to Personality/Charisma.

Personality/Charisma abilities[]

Charisma trainers[]

Personality/Charisma skill check situations[]

  • Level 1 – Talking to Stormson ("Something tells me your attitude could get you into trouble here.")
  • Level 2 – Convincing Ike to take stims before the fight
  • Level 3 – Speaking with Riley "I want at least 200 shards [for the Energy Regulator]"
  • Level 3 – Speaking with Raudur "You're hiding something. Tell me what it is."
  • Level 4 – Speaking with Riley "500 and we have a deal" (this however, breaks the quest as Riley will not actually take the Energy Regulator)
  • Level 4 – Speaking with Sinda
  • Level 6 – Speaking with Godehard to find out what is really in the Closed Box (12 XP + 125 Icon Elexit.png)