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The Outlaws is a scavenging faction in ELEX. They are home to the desert known as Tavar. They are atheistic and do not submit to the laws of the Berserkers. Their motto is life may be brutal, but it's free and easy, and all shall be rewarded for their strengths.

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A rocky, desert wasteland, Tavar is home to the Outlaws. Scavenging the ruins for weapons and equipment, the Outlaws will worship no god, they will not pledge themselves to the strict laws of the Berserkers, or surrender to a life of emotionless conflict. With the meteor came a chance for freedom, choice, a world where anyone can rise to the top. The Outlaws live by the motto, that life may be brutal, but it’s free and easy, and that all shall be rewarded for their strengths.




The Outlaws inhabit the largest wasteland of Magalan – the Tavar desert. Ruins, rugged gorges and hot desert dominate the landscape. There is only one law, the law of the strongest. What gets in their way, will be blasted away. The life of others has no value to them, only their own advantages count. They use improvised weapons which they manufactured out of the remnants of the old world. If it comes to a fight, they inject themselves with Elex offset Stims, stimulants, which make them unpredictable opponents. Nobody in their right mind lays claim to their land, because one thing is all Outlaws in common: they do not share!

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