Old Obligations

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Old Obligations
Main mission
The Fort
The Hort
Converter locations outside Xacor
8000 XP

Old Obligations is one of the main missions in ELEX.

The Hybrid is worried by the plans that the Pilgrim, Thorald, is making.
Thorald is conducting some sort of research that the Hybrid wants stopped.
My old orders were to acquire the Pilgrim's research and then to kill him.
But now Thorald is someone I need to complete my own mission.
Thorald must have worked out a way to enter Xacor.
Perhaps he knows a way I can get into the Ice Palace.
I certainly can't do that alone.
Especially not now. By now the Hybrid must know that I am working against him.
I will need Thorald's help to complete my plans. I just hope that he realizes that he needs my help to complete his.
Thorald wants to end the terror that the Albs have been bringing to the lands of the Free People. Thorald will only share his research with me once it is complete.
Thorald wants me to take care of my issues with Wardek and Kallax.
~ in-game description

Sub-missions[edit | edit source]