Old Liquor Factory

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Old Liquor Factory

The Old Liquor Factory is one of the Tavar Locations in ELEX. The area consists of 2 large buildings, 4 round tanks and a radioactive parking lot. It is also liberally sprinkled with mines.

The northern-most building contains a safe containing a Small Green Gemstone. The code for the safe is 6974 and this can be found painted on the floor of the upper platform overlooking the area with the safe. There is also a Level 2 locked, 8 cylinder chest in the same building, five bottles of Strong Liquor. And on the roof are several Fuel containers.

There are at least 2 syringes of Leadbelly in one of the abandoned trucks.

The second (southern-most) large building contains the remaining 5 bottles of Strong Liquor and the Concentric Cross-armature Coil. On the topmost (partial) level you can find an electronically-locked Rusted Safe (code 7616; see Crumpled Note (3)).

Location[edit | edit source]

It is located due east of the Sandy Pines motel in western Tavar. The caves inside the cliff behind it are full of Reavers (Lone Tucker and his gang).

Mission[edit | edit source]