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Jetpax img.png

The Jetpack is found very early in the game, while exploring the crash site of Jax's raider. This piece of equipment allows you to move vertically to reach places that are too tall to climb or to jump across chasms or lava flows.


  • To activate the Jetpack, press the space bar twice in quick succession, then keep pressing the space bar to keep using it
  • Watch the status bar carefully. While in the blue range, you can continue to fly, but once you reach the red zone on the status bar, you have one final boost left before you lose all power.


All companion NPCs also have their own jetpack in order to be able to follow you anywhere.

Other NPCs[]

Some other NPCs also have jetpacks, so don't assume they can't get to you. In particular, Reavers have jetpacks and often carry powerful weapons.