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This page serves as a basic how to play guide for ELEX.

Basic gameplay[]

The early game can be quite challenging for players unused to the ethos and gameplay of other Piranha Bytes games. Many of the enemies are very difficult to kill for low-level players and avoiding them is often the best strategy. Remember, you can always run away and come back to fight another day.

Ranged weapons are particularly useful early in the game as more challenging enemies can be killed by finding a safe place higher up where they cannot reach you and shooting at them from a distance.

Getting a companion quickly is also very helpful and they will help you fight enemies you encounter.

Joining a faction is also helpful, but can take quite some time. Do not depend on joining a faction for early help in the game. Loot, buy or steal whatever weapons and armor you can.


Action Key binding Alternative binding Notes
Move forward [ W ] [ ]
Strafe left [ A ] [ ]
Strafe right [ S ] [ ]
Move backward [ D ] [ ]
Walk [ Ctrl left ] [ Ctrl right ]
Sprint [ Shift left ] [ Shift right ]
Jump/Climb [ Space ] [ Enter ]
Jetpack 2x [ Space ] [ Enter ] You must hit the space bar twice to use the Jetpack
Sneak [ Tab ]
Quick save [ F5 ]
Quick load [ F9 ]
Look around Mouse Moving the mouse is like moving your head to look around
Zoom in Mousewheel up Mousewheel up
Zoom out Mousewheel down Mousewheel down
Combat commands
Weapon mode Mouse button 3 Sheath or unsheath swords, etc.
Primary action Mouse button 1 Typically hitting your target, or firing a ranged weapon
Secondary action Mouse button 2 Aiming, for ranged weapons
Ranged mode [ F ] this is for switching shot mode for ranged weapons like bows and guns
Heavy attack [ E ]
Special move [ Q ]
Evade [ Caps lock ]
Target lock [ X ]
Target lock left [ Z ]
Target lock right [ C ]
Reload [ R ]
Quickslot 1 [ 1 ]
Quickslot 2 [ 2 ]
Quickslot 3 [ 3 ]
Quickslot 4 [ 4 ]
Quickslot 5 [ 5 ]
Quickslot 6 [ 6 ]
Quickslot 7 [ 7 ]
Quickslot 8 [ 8 ]
Quickslot 9 [ 9 ]
Quickslot 10 [ 0 ]
Adjutor commands
Map [ M ] Display the map
Attributes [ V ] Jump to the Attributes panel
Skills [ B ] Jump to the Skills panel
Weapons [ I ] Jump to the Weapons panel
Armor [ O ] Jump to the Armor panel
Items [ P ] Jump to the Items panel
Missions [ L ] Jump to the Missions panel
Menu commands
Select [ Enter ] [ Space ] Menu click
Back [ Backspace ] Mouse button 2 Returning to the previous screen
Menu action 1 [ Z ] Whatever the first listed option at the bottom of the screen is
Menu action 2 [ X ] Whatever the second listed option at the bottom of the screen is
Menu action 3 [ T ] Whatever the third listed option at the bottom of the screen is
Menu action 4 [ R ] Whatever the fourth listed option at the bottom of the screen is
Next page [ E ]
Previous page [ Q ]

Controller commands[]

Game Controller.png

Tips and tricks[]

  • The world is permanent, so the same items will be found in the same place every time
  • You can sleep any time to heal yourself and replenish mana/mental energy
  • Items labelled as "Junk" really are junk and should be sold for the shards
  • Many of the items labelled as "Valuable" are also just better junk and can be sold for higher amounts than regular junk items.
  • Once read, documents can also be sold. It's really only useful to keep documents which contain important information you may need to refer to later, for example, safe codes, photographs with visual clues and Map pieces.
  • Mission-critical items cannot be sold, so there's no chance of accidentally selling something plot-critical
  • Companions cannot be killed by enemies. If they appear to be dead, they are simply stunned and will get up once the danger has passed. Note: Jax, depending on plot circumstances, can kill at least one of his companions.

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