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Goliet is the capital of the Edan region and home to the Berserkers faction on Magalan.


Serving as the capital of the Berserkers from where they rule their region of Edan, it reflects their values and culture. With straw-roofed wood and stone houses, wooden bridges and dirt roads pounded flat by regular traversal there is no sign of any technology more advanced than the wooden ballistae they have protecting their wall. There are red crystals wrapped in roots along the edges of the city that may serve a defensive purpose.

The paddy fields in the northern part of Goliet serve as farmlands where Cultivators grown and harvest food, potion materials and World Heart Seedlings. Hunters such as Geron and his apprentice Lennart spend most, if not all, of their time outside Goliet doing their duty to provide food and cut down on the number of dangerous creatures near the capital.

With the Pit kept outside the wall serving as the disposal site for all technology they encounter, they harvest resources such as metals and Elex from it, the latter of which is then taken to the Mana Shrine in the heart of Goliet where it is converted into Mana in a mysterious and secretive process by Caldrim. Due to the prevalence of Elexit as the common currency throughout Magalan, the Berserkers also make use of it.

The Hotel Ruins of the Old World situated at the highest point in Goliet are stark contrast to the capital they overlook and serve as home and administrative center to the leader of the Berserkers.

Notable locations[]

  • Lower Quarters: The western part of Goliet, it contains housing for Cultivators and Workers as well as Sinda's shop/home, the Tavern, and the homes of Jora and Alrik. There is also an herb cultivation field and its west and south edges are cliffs mounted with ballistae.
  • Seedling Fields: In the northern part of Goliet rest the paddy fields where World Heart Seedlings are cultivated. Along its northwest there is a cliff with ballistae.
  • Upper Ring: Overlooking the Lower Quarters and Seedling Fields, this area houses the healers and the leaders of the Berserkers with only the Hotel Ruins standing higher.
  • Hotel Ruins: Situated at the highest point in Goliets south and overlooking the capital, it serves as the home and throne room of Warlord Ragnar.
  • The Pit: Located a short distance along the path to the left of Goliets northwest entrance outside its walls, it is the place all technology the Berserkers encounter is taken for disposal and closely guarded by Angrim.
  • Mana Shrine: Located in the heart of Goliet, it is the Berserker holy site. A pillar of rock with a cave carved into it that contains a glowing red pool in the center with Mana scattered around it - falling in the pool sets one on fire. A spiraling path along its exterior leads to the top which houses a golden bowl that has large chunks of Elex floating over it and liquefying into a blue fluid filling bowl below. There is Elexit and Natural Elex scattered around the bowl and there seems to be a pipe leading from under the bowl into the pillar. The pillar can somehow convert Elex into Mana.


  • Goliet Teleporter: Next to the wooden bridge that has the northwest entrance of Goliet on the other end.
  • Blacksmith Teleporter: Next to the Blacksmiths Shop in the northeast of Goliet.
  • Hotel Ruins Teleporter: In front of the Hotel Ruins in the southeast of Goliet.