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"G.A.R.D U5 Prototype"
The Hort

The G.A.R.D U5 Prototype is a temporary Companion in ELEX. This drone can be found in the workshop beyond the Armor Master's counter, north of the Cathedral teleporter.

Once the Modified AI Module is installed, U5 becomes a temporary companion for the journey back to the Fort. It will not cross lava, though.

- Can fast-travel via Teleporter, but the choice is limited.

Icon Teleporter.png Cathedral the Hort Crater Castle Ruins of West Ignadon Lava Lake Ruins of the Dome the Fort Duke's Bunker

Outside of the list the drone will stay there, where you were last time before the fast-travel.



  • Even as your companion, it can be killed instead of knocked down. It doesn't regenerate. To restore its full health, you need to reload the Save. (At least, PC version works)
  • The goal is the Fort and you can't with the drone to go a long way round or it will stop to follow and wait you move back.
  • After done with Old Code Doesn't Stink, the drone gets into a fight with a Outlaw (unnamed). If you have witnessed the incident, will receive 200 XP and the sub-task No ID is completed. [!To rescue the Outlaw has zero impact and he reacts nothing.]
    • Soon it will turn into hostile to you, if you want to pass the gate. To hack the drone, it requires Crafting skill level 15. The rest of the dialogues won't do solve.
    • If you destroy it, you can tell Cutter about and he will be sad for work again. Therefore the source of money is lost.