Fragile Power

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Fragile Power
Faction mission
The Fort
2000 XP

Fragile Power is the main Outlaws mission and necessary to complete in order to join that faction.

There are problems at the Fort. If they continue to get worse, the Duke might lose control. William wants these problems sorted out.
Mad Bob's scrap delivery is overdue. William thinks Mad Bob is behind on his deliveries since nobody wants to work with him. William promised me a large reward if I manage to reestablish the scrap deliveries.
William thinks Big Jim wants to take over in the Fort. He thinks he is the strongest fight in Tavar. William needs someone to defeat Big Jim in the Arena to show him and everyone else that he can be beaten. I will need to defeat a series of opponents before Big Jim will agree to a fight.
Chloe isn't paying her tribute to the Duke. William doesn't trust his men to find out why. He wants answers and he wants his shards.
~ in-game description

Sub-missions[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

It is possible to earn bonus 1000 xp if you won't ask William for a reward when handing over the quest. (-200 shards)

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