Food Supplies

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Food Supplies
Faction mission
800 XP
Supplies for the Cultivators

Food Supplies is one of the Berserker missions in Edan in ELEX.

Sinda is expecting food deliveries from the Valley of the Damned. Angrim's people from the Eisen Clan were supposed to help her, but they have stopped making deliveries for some reason. I should speak with Angrim to find out why.
The men Angrim assigned to Sinda's supply runs are dead. With their other duties, the Eisen Clan won't risk any more of their people. Angrim wants Sinda to deal with the problem herself.
Sinda hopes the hammer Clan, or the Hooded, will send the Warriors she needs now that Angrim has stopped helping her. I will have to speak to the Warlords Ragnar and Cormag.
Cormag is willing to send Warriors to help Sinda's delivery runs if he can acquire a piece of Cleric technology from the Pit - a Movement Detector. This is illegal, but he is putting the safety of his men first.
Cormag has the Movement Detector he wanted. He is ready to help Sinda.
~ in-game description

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