Elex for the Mana Shrine

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Elex for the Mana Shrine
Faction sub-mission
250 XP
The Law of the Berserkers

Elex for the Mana Shrine is one of the sub-missions of the main Berserker mission "The Law of the Berserkers" in ELEX.

Caldrim needs a steady supply of Elex for the Mana shrine to help the Berserkers cast magic, grow Seedlings and produce healing herbs. A delivery of Elex was stolen from the Mana shrine before it could be transmuted. The Berserker Kral disappeared at the same time. Caldrim wants Kral found.
I found Kral's journal. It references a crypt. Maybe Caldrim can tell me where the crypt is?
Caldrim told me where I can find the crypt mentioned in Kral's diary. He warned me that it is said to be cursed.
I found Kral. Now I just have to figure out why he stole the Elex. Or just take it from him and return to Caldrim.
Kral stole the Elex from the Mana Shrine to keep his brother Grimar alive. I could take the Elex or leave it with him.
~ in-game description

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