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Drog is a member of the Berserkers, one of several factions that populate Magalan. A part of the Warrior Caste and the Hooded Crows Clan, he guards the entrance to Goliet.

Description[edit | edit source]

Drog is very proud of being a Berserker, part of the Hooded Crows and serving Ragnar, not hesitating to educate others about them. As a guardian of the entrance to Goliet, he is suspicious of all who approach and takes his duty seriously - though this doesn't prevent him from drinking on the job, preferring to send Jax for a beer than leave the gate untended. He looks down on new arrivals and considers entrance to Goliet a privilege rather than a right.

Missions[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • During a conversation with him, he requests a beer. If a beer is needed then take a short walk to the Pit just down the path, trigger a conversation with Argor on your first encounter with him and make a specific dialogue choice - only works on first encounter.
  • Jax can frame him to help Katta return from exile and take over his job. As a result Drog becomes an Exile and leaves Goliet.
  • If Jax framed him, he can be found in a small ruined house on the hill north of Valley of the Damned Teleporter. When approached he will start a conversation. Jax can choose to kill him or give him 2000 shards.
  • If he was paid and told to go to the Clerics, Drog can later be found sitting in Cleric's Cantina in the Hort. If you attack him there the Clerics will not intervene.

Gallery[edit | edit source]