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"Dr. Dawkins's Memoirs 1"
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Dr. Adam Charles Dawkins reviewing his research.
Mission item
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Dr. Dawkins's Memoirs 1 is one of the mission items in ELEX. Reading it provides 20 XP.

My Legacy

I was a leading scientist working on the most important project in Magalan's history. But the work became...meaningless. For there is now a good chance that instead of success I could witness the extinction of our entire species.
I was hired by Infinite Skies to join their new team exploring the opportunities in space travel. My specialism was the movement of deep space objects, far beyond anything we were capable of constructing, but I was given the job and the pay was a convincing argument.
Whilst others were exploring the technology involved in space travel I worked on the detection of deep space objects. That was when we detected the Comet. At first it didn't fit any of our gravitational models.
Instead of orbiting our sun it was heading directly for us. But the board didn't want to hear about it. Bad news was not why they had created our division, we were supposed to sell dreams, not nightmares.
  Years after I first detected it, even my incompetent colleagues started to confirm what I had told them. It was only then that the rescue project came into being.

~ content of the memoirs


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