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Creature combat.png

The various Creatures in ELEX.

Common Creatures[edit | edit source]

Name Class EXP RDS Loot
Biter Beast 10 -


Jackal Beast 40 -

PeltTeethBoneRaw Meat

Raptor Beast 40 -

LeatherTeethBoneClawIvory Plate

Skex Beast 120 -


Spine Hound Beast 25 Blood

PeltTeethIvoryRaw Meat

Mass Rat Beast 10 -

TeethBonePeltRaw Meat

Rotboar Mutant 125 Energy

ClawElexitHoseElectronic ScrapMetal Scrap

Critter 5
Night Shade 90 Blood

IvoryClawIvory Plate

Rottmolch Mutant 60 Energy

Natural ElexElexitHoseElectronic ScrapMetal Scrap

Scavenger Beast

ClawIvory PlateBeakRaw Meat

Slugbeast Beast 260

IvoryEntrailsIvory PlateTeeth

Screamer 40 -
Swamp Spider Beast 60 Venom

StingerGlandChitin ArmorRaptorial Leg

Forlorn 125 -
Scavenger Beast 25 -

ClawIvory PlateBeakRaw Meat

Stone Claw 90 -

TeethIvoryClawIvory Plate

Blood Claw
Snow Claw
Ice Bill

IvoryTeethIvory PlateIron OreBone

Mutant 90 -

Electronic ScrapTeethMetal ScrapChitin Armor

Combat Robot Robot
Fighting Colossus Robot
Drone Robot
Crystal Rat 40 Ice

IvoryTeethIvory PlateClawRaw Meat

Neutral Creatures[edit | edit source]

Name EXP Loot
Rat 2


Cavebird 2

FeatherRaw Meat

Isopod 2

Raw Meat

Uncommon Creatures[edit | edit source]

Name Class EXP RDS Loot
Troll Beast, Troll 200 +

PeltTeethTroll HeartLarge Healing PlantCultivator's Loaf

Mountain Troll Beast, Troll
Ice Troll Beast, Troll
Moloch Mutant 250 -

Chitin ArmorNatural ElexEntrailsElectronic ScrapMetal Scrap

Patron Mutant 250 ?

HoseChitin ArmorMetal ScrapNatural ElexElectronic Scrap

Cyclops Mutant 400 +

Natural ElexElexitElectronic ScrapMetal ScrapHoseCyclop's Eye

Unique Creatues[edit | edit source]

Name Class EXP RDS Loot
Powerful Cyclops Mutant 400 + Elex-contaminated Heart + random
Enormous Cyclops Mutant
The Big Bang Robot +

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]