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Crafting is one of the main categories of abilities in ELEX. It can temporarily be improved by using Creative Urge.

The Crafting Skills ability (part of the Personality tree) will add one point permanently to Crafting.

Crafting abilities[edit | edit source]

Crafting trainers[edit | edit source]

Crafting skill check situations[edit | edit source]

  • Level 1 – Talking to Vivian about working on mechs. "I know the basics."
  • Level 3 – Fixing the Defective AI Module
  • Level 3 – Adding your name to the access list for the Archives in the Hort
  • Level 4 – Talking to Erich (I can fix the energy regulators for you)
  • Level 6 – Talking to Vivian about working on mechs. "I know enough to work on mechs."
  • Level 6 – Talking to Raudur about wire.