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Companions around a campfire

Companions are Characters in ELEX who elect to follow Jax. As Magalan is a dangerous place full of enemies, keeping watch for your chance to locate companions and win their loyalty by completing missions will help you survive.

When accompanying you, companions can participate in conversations you have with other characters and certain dialogue options become unavailable depending on the companion.


Choosing certain dialogue options when conversing with your companion, making decisions and completing missions can impact your relationship with them by either increasing or decreasing their approval of you and change their disposition towards you.

Currently confirmed disposition levels:

  • 0 - 10 [Companion] would like you dead.
  • 11 - 30 [Companion] hates you.
  • 31 - 50 [Companion] is angry with you.
  • 51 - 70 [Companion] doesn't like you.
  • 71 - 90 [Companion] finds you a bit odd.
  • 91 - 110 [Companion] is neutral towards you.
  • 111 - 130 [Companion] respects you.
  • 131 - 150 [Companion] likes you.
  • 151 - 170 [Companion] admires you.
  • 171 - 190 [Companion] idolizes you.
  • 191 - 200 [Companion] is a true friend.

List of Companions[]


  • Any of the Characters you've unlocked to be companions (except U5) can be found at the Small Camp Teleporter, then later at Origin in Edan.
  • Early in the game, if you are engaging in a distance attack, save on ammunition by targeting and shooting only until your companion joins in. Then let them do the "heavy lifting" until they lose interest. Then start the cycle again.