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Domed City

Caja is one of the Characters and a potential Companion in ELEX. She is a powerful mage, trained by the Berserkers. Jax can meet her in the Domed City and after a short conversation, she is willing to join Jax, if he helps her in her personal mission to find an Elex deposit. It turns out, she was fed Mana from a young age, which grew here powers. After a while, she reveals to Jax, that Elex speaks to her and she can sense it.

  • When Jax has established the settlement of "Origin" as the centre of his operations, he can send her there, when they part.
  • Jax can start a romance with her. The other possible partner is Nasty.


Caja is a young woman with auburn hair. In ranged combat, she is able to shoot fireballs and can cause melee damage with her sword.


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