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Domed City

Caja is one of the Characters and a potential Companion in ELEX. She is a powerful mage, trained by the Berserkers. Jax can meet her in the Domed City at the center northern outer edge, and after a short conversation, she is willing to join Jax, if he helps her in her personal mission to find an Elex deposit. It turns out, she was fed Mana from a young age, which grew here powers. After a while, she reveals to Jax, that Elex speaks to her and she can sense it.

  • When Jax has established the settlement of "Origin" as the centre of his operations, he can send her there, when they part.
  • Jax can start a romance with her. The other possible partner is Nasty.
  • She is still fairly well known and respected in Goliet. If you have her with you while doing the final "hand-in" conversation with characters in there for multiple Quests, she'll chime in on the conversation and convince them to give you extra Elexit as payment.


Caja is a young woman with auburn hair. In ranged combat, she is able to shoot fireballs and can cause melee damage with her sword.


Caja dislikes the following:

  • Even though she left the Berserkers she is still loyal to them and does not like anyone disurpting/causing harm to them, such as stealing Ragnar's special sword in A Special Piece. You will also gain a small Affinity boost with her if she is with you while you join the Berserkers
  • Her loyalty to the Berserkers isn't quite absolute though; she prefers that you help Rock escape in The New Outlaw, even gaining an Affinity boost when you hand him the Modified Grenade Launcher
  • She dislikes anyone who lies
  • She has quite a soft spot for people in need and often chimes in as such in conversation options where people ask for help, or beggars asking for Shards, etc...if you do not act in a benevolent way in these situations you will get an Affinity penalty.