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"Botanist's Report"
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Work report from a botanist.
Mission item
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Botanist's Report is one of the mission items in ELEX. Reading it provides 20 XP.

Report - Contamination of Samples

Sample I-56 has died.
None of the samples have survived long without light.
Sample R-23 is growing slowly with the assistance of artificial light.
I plan to make minimal adjustments to the spectrum tests, beginning with sample R-24.
Testing is going too slowly... At this pace we will starve before we find a solution. If only Mr. Giddon were here. He had already solved the problem of growing plants in space, but his records are so patchy...I can't replicate his work.
 Well, now my work takes on more importance. The research intended for space...now we need it to survive the pot impact world where the temperatures have plunged and the skies are only darkness. Today, while making the rounds, I noticed something on samples B-467, 468 and 469 while making the rounds. The water is contaminated.
As I was about to dispose of the samples, I noticed a change in the plants. They are thriving.
I will monitor their progress.
Day 62 after the impact:
The plants are mutating at an incredible rate.
Whatever is contaminating the water is nothing I have seen before. We must discover the nature of this substance.

~ content of the report