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Bertram is one of the Characters in ELEX, who ended up in Goliet, after he was rendered weaponless in the wilderness. Now he's always hanging around the Goliet Tavern and likes to deal with technology, although this is strictly forbidden for Berserkers. He is a Cleric undercover and secretely preaches the Cleric's ways. When Angrim finds out about this, he orders Bertram to be executed. The player now can decide Bertram's fate - either to kill him as it was ordered - or listen to his story and ask Rijka, the wife of Ragnar, for help.

Missions[edit | edit source]

The possession of the weapons also can be revealed to Rijka, who then will let them have destroyed by Jora.

Missions by Angrim, including Bertram:

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Interested in Technology and the items of the Clerics.
  • Rijka will help Bertram to escape Goliet, but Ragnar also will find out. If Jax returns to ask about his standing with the Berserkers, Ragnar will mention this betrayal angrily.

Gallery[edit | edit source]