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All technology must be consigned to the past. Take it to the Pit!
~ Berserker response to using Adjutor

The Berserkers are one of the four main factions in Magalan and control the verdant region of Edan with the city of Goliet serving as the capital. They are capable of transmuting Elex into pure Mana. Their goals are to turn the ravaged wastelands into lush woodlands and destroy all Elex technology, including Old World technology they view as having poisoned the air and soil. Due to this, rather than technology as their base they instead primarily use magic.


Wiping the planet clean, the meteor has given the people of Magalan another chance. The world can live once more. Having found a way to transmute Elex into pure Mana, the Berserkers are transforming Magalan’s shattered wastes into lush, living woodland. Where the Albs bring destruction, the Berserkers offer true hope. As magic replaces technology, Magalan shall offer all its people a future!


Berserker Symbol

Elex rots whatever it touches. [...] Nature is magic, real magic. We work with nature, nature gives us Mana and Mana gives us magic.
~ Oran, Berserker Tavern keeper

Arising from the ruins of the Old World, the Berserkers were founded by a man named Amrek who dreamed of healing the world that had been devastated by the meteoritic impact and restoring life to it. Alternatively, some believe that Erik Eisenfaust, one of the greatest Berserker warriors ever, may be the real founder as he took Amrek's dreams and made them a reality. After discovering, and nearly destroying, a mutated species of plant that devoured Elex and allowed plant-life to grow at an accelerated pace they now seek to spread these World Hearts across the devastated landscape and make it wild and thriving once again. Before long, they discovered a byproduct produced by the World Hearts: Mana. As this was discovered right when technology was forsworn, the Berserkers viewed it as nature rewarding them and it served to strengthen their beliefs.

By conducting experiments with the substance, Amrek made two discoveries that would change everything. The first was that Mana could be fed to World Heart seedlings purifying them and allowing for more to be grown faster and second, what would be known from then on as magical energy. This also gave rise to Amrek's Paradox: Elex is the center of all ills in the world, and yet it is also the cure.

With these discoveries, Amrek created Five Laws to guide the Berserkers and declared that magic was a medicine which would heal Magalan and technology - a curse. This declaration came about due to the many books that survived the meteoritic impact which showed that the ways they powered their machines would only serve to poison the world further.

And so, they began their quest to heal the world by transmuting all Elex they can get their hands on into Mana and scrapping nearly all technology they come across, especially the Elex technology wielded by the Clerics and Albs. The Berserkers magical powers make them formidable fighters capable of competing with the other factions and their technology. Their solidarity ensures the integrity of the Law and that all those who commit treason against the community will be exiled to the Valley of the Damned.



The Berserkers are currently led by Thorald the Pilgrim and are divided into three Clans. Each of these clans is in turn led by a Warlord.

  • Hooded Crows Clan: They are led by Warlord Ragnar who was also placed by Thorald as temporary leader of the Berserkers as a whole while Thorald was in seclusion. The clan is mainly composed of warriors who take great pride in their roles and follow the creed of fairness and justice, equality and order.
  • Hammer Clan: Led by Warlord Cormag, tha clan mainly focuses on magic. Because of this, they bring together warriors and researchers. They are the most friendly clan and believe that cooperation is of the utmost importance, leading them to be the ones that often reconcile feuds.
  • Eisen Clan: Led by Warlord Angrim, the clan focuses on transporting resources and are mainly composed of warriors who patrol Berserker territory and act as escorts.

The Five Laws[]

Berserker society is governed by five ironclad laws that define them:

  1. It is forbidden to worship gods or machines - it is forbidden to profess any gods or use machinery.
  2. Elex is a curse on Magalan - all technology must be sent to the Pit so it can be cleared of Elex.
  3. The World Hearts are sacred - one may not even touch cuttings or mature specimens without proper rank and permission.
  4. Mana must be protected - due to limited resources Mana cannot be sold to other factions.
  5. All Free People are equal - everyone, regardless of their affiliation, is equal in law and society.




The typical weaponry of the Berserkers consists mainly of Iron Age weaponry like swords, axes and bows, supplemented by their unique Magic.

The key resources you will need to make sure to collect for upgrading their weapons are Gold Nuggets for Melee weapons, Bones for Ranged weapons, and Mana for both.


  • "Some say Erik Eisenfaust was the real founder of the Berserkers. That he took Amrek's dreams and made them real. They say that fifty years ago, Eisenfaust destroyed an entire army of the Cleric’s fighting machines using just his sword. One of the greatest warriors ever to fight for the Berserkers. Eisenfaust is a legend here. Kids worship him, warriors want to be him." ~ Alrik, when discussing the rarest item he wants to acquire


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