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"Artag's Journal"
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The Exile Artag's journal.
Mission item
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Artag's Journal is one of the mission items in ELEX. Reading it provides 20 XP.

It happened!

The first day after my exile
Even if we were exiled, entirely unjustly, it was still a blessing in disguise. We were offered rehabilitation under good guidance, if you can call it that.
We are caring for the World Heart here and hope to prove that we are worthy of returning to Goliet.
I decided to keep this journal so that I have proof of our commitment.
I am counting the days until I can leave this valley.
We will make a success of this.
Second day after my exile:
The work is exhausting. As soon as you scratch out a groove on the Heart, it clots. We have a lot to learn about caring for it.
Third day after my exile:
Skald is making trouble. He claims he is the only one working here. I don't know why he feels such a victim.
Fourth day after my exile:
This morning Skald announced to everyone that he is giving up on work. He downed tools and walked off. Four days, that's all it's taken him to give up. And our sentence is for years!
Fifth day after my exile:
I heard whispering tonight. I was too tired to look for where it was coming from.
Fifth day after my exile:
SHIT! I should have looked around. Mana went missing during the night. Skald is beside himself with anger. He has been yelling for 20 minutes now.
But he is right, if we can't find out who is responsible then none of us are going home early.
We might all die here because of this...
Eighth day after my exile:
A few things have happened in the last few days. Skald accused someone and locked him away. He is watching him now. Yes, I admit he didn't have an alibi, but I just can't picture him stealing the Mana.
Tenth day after my exile:
I hear the whispering every night now. I even went looking in case it would reveal the real Mana thief.
But I couldn't find anybody. The voices seemed to be coming from the World Heart itself.
What is going on here?
Am I going crazy?
Eleventh night after my exile:
Something is wrong here. Whispers at night, more and more things are going missing, and now...
I hear sounds out there. I don't dare go out.
It is starting to dawn on me... I don't think we are alone and I don't think we are going to survive another month here.
I am afraid to sleep...

~ content of the journal