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Icon Alrik.png
Trader/Crafting trainer

Alrik is a member of the Berserkers, one of several factions that populate Magalan. He is a Crafting trainer and trader in Goliet as well as part of the Hooded Crows Clan.

Location[edit | edit source]

He can be found either in front of the Tavern in the Goliets Lower Quarters (western part of Goliet) or in his home outside the southwestern entrance of the Tavern.

Trader inventory[edit | edit source]

Item Amount Cost
Brown Leather Cowl 1 150Icon Elexit.png
Thief Cap 1 250Icon Elexit.png
Classic Sunglasses 1 2500Icon Elexit.png
Hunter Armor 1 800Icon Elexit.png
Mechanic Shirt 1 800Icon Elexit.png
Mechanic Pants 1 400Icon Elexit.png
Thief Pants 1 400Icon Elexit.png
Healing Potion 3 100Icon Elexit.png
Small Mental Energy Reserve 5 50Icon Elexit.png
Natural Elex 20 100Icon Elexit.png
Picklock 16 25Icon Elexit.png
Instructions to make Elex Potion 1 100Icon Elexit.png
Instructions to make Small Elex Potion 1 100Icon Elexit.png

Missions[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Asking him if he wants to buy the Cleric weapons you looted from the Small Camp Machine Shop ruin, he will ask if you're crazy as they're way too hot to handle and bribe you with 50 shards to make sure you know that he knows nothing about the weapons.
  • In his pocket Classic Sunglasses can be stolen by Icon Pickpocket.png .

Gallery[edit | edit source]